Distribute Abilities Directly to Qualifying Users

TLDR: Dapps that help creators make abilities can automatically push those abilities into Daylight to increase reach and revenue. 28 dapp integrations are already live!

Dapps That Make Abilities

Many dapps help communities and creators make abilities - things like allowlisted mints, token gates, votes, claims, and more. For example:

  • Snapshot helps communities vote on proposals.

  • POAP and Highlight help communities and creators deploy allowlisted mints.

  • Guild helps communities and creators token-gate chats.

But making abilities isn’t enough - creators need to then broadcast those abilities to allowlisted users or those who hold the necessary token.

The status quo here is wild:

  • Creators and communities have to shout their new abilities into the chaos of Discord and Twitter

  • Web3 users have to monitor these platforms and hope they stumble across something they qualify for

Dapps → Daylight → Wallets

But there’s a straightforward solution now: with Daylight, dapps can push their creators’ abilities to qualifying users in those users’ wallet apps.

Dapps push their abilities into Daylight and out to users in the wallet apps they use.
Dapps push their abilities into Daylight and out to users in the wallet apps they use.

By doing so, users can get push notifications about their abilities and easily complete them right in their wallet app. When done right, it almost feels like magic – and it’s already happening in the Daylight ecosystem:

  • 28 dapps are integrated with Daylight, pushing their abilities in automatically

  • Hundreds of thousands of users can learn about their abilities in apps like Zerion, Taho, and Daylight.xyz

A Zora allowlisted mint appearing to a qualified user in a wallet app.
A Zora allowlisted mint appearing to a qualified user in a wallet app.

Why Dapps Integrate


When you integrate with Daylight, your abilities are distributed to qualifying users on the other side of the Daylight API.


Integrating Daylight unlocks a strong marketing message that resonates with creators and community leaders: out-of-the-box distribution.


Qualifying users are directed to your web app to complete the ability, raising awareness of your brand and product.


If you earn revenue from better engagement on your abilities (for example - Manifold and Zora’s $1 mints), integrating Daylight can lead to more revenue.

What Dapps Are Saying

Daylight's support for Drops on Foundation is a powerful tool in the hands of creators that lets them reach their community of collectors in the most web3-native way possible – right in their wallets.

Paul Cowgill
Head of Product, Foundation

We believe the unlock of composability is highly customized experiences with seamless user navigation between them. Because Daylight surfaces user opportunities across the Decent protocol, Daylight is the most compelling answer we've seen for distribution.

Charlie Durbin
Co-Founder, Decent.xyz

Already, 10 NFT creator dapps distribute their abilities through Daylight - it’s becoming a must-have integration for all dapps.

Reach out to discuss integrating: kyle@daylight.xyz.

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