Introducing Scouts: The Hunt for Abilities

TLDR: Today, we are announcing the Scout community: a way for anyone to submit abilities to Daylight. Scouts who add abilities qualify for new Daylight NFTs, starting with the Harvester. Get started here:

Our mission at Daylight is simple: help everyone discover what they can do in web3.

A big part of that is finding one-off, custom abilities – that could be anything from an allowlisted mint made by an independent creator like edouardmass.eth’s OKGO to an allowlisted airdrop made by a community like Developer DAO’s $CODE.

Examples of abilities from the Scout community
Examples of abilities from the Scout community

At first, this was an internal game we played at Daylight – who could scout out the best abilities. It quickly became clear that these scouted abilities were some of the most fun and popular in our collection. And we couldn’t believe how rewarding it was to uncover an ability in the wild and reveal those secrets to other Daylighters.

Helping people uncover their abilities is so rewarding
Helping people uncover their abilities is so rewarding

So, we decided to open this up to some of our users. We quietly launched a submission form where anyone could submit an ability they found or created. Already, Daylight users have found over 1500 abilities!

And now, we are officially launching a community. It’s called Scouts. Scouts “scout” abilities that Daylight does not automatically ingest via integrations with tools like Zora Create (allowlisted mints) or Snapshot (token-gated votes).

Why Scout

Scouting is quite powerful - you can be the reason why other people find out about something meaningful and fun.


Do you remember how fun it was to claim an airdrop? Uncovering how much you could claim, experiencing the claim transaction itself, and exploring what to do with the tokens after?

Or how special it felt to be on the early access list to mint a new NFT from a creator you cared about?

This is web3 at its best. And it’s clear that uncovering these experiences for others is a huge draw for Scouts.


Scouts can reach the tens of thousands of email subscribers on and the hundreds of thousands of users of integrated wallets like Taho and Zerion.

By simply filling out a form, you could trigger push notifications across multiple wallet apps to qualifying users, being the first to tell thousands of people that they qualify for an airdrop or mint.

Types of Scouts

There are many types of people in the early Scout community. Here are just two:


These Scouts add abilities that they create themselves, whether as independent creators or as community leaders. It’s hard to make sure your potential collectors know they qualify. You want to limit it to the right people, but you also want enough people to participate.

If this is you, scouting your own abilities is now a powerful distribution tool. Scout first, tweet second!

When I decided to launch an onchain NFT project for free, I was worried about not getting the word out to the communities I had whitelisted. A friend in Discord recommended submitting the allowlist via Daylight - and as a result of this, my project minted out.

- edouardmass.eth


These Scouts are very plugged into Crypto Twitter and Discord. They find out about new abilities first, tell their friends, and post to the group chat.

If this is you, you have a lot of opportunities to scout, be first to submit, and impact a significant number of web3 users.

The first time I connected to, the site flagged several Abilities that I hadn't been aware of! That was such an Aha moment for me. It's one thing to sorta know I'm not keeping up with all the projects that I hold, but it's another thing entirely to have that information laid out in front of you so plainly. Because I've missed so many of these things in the short time I've been part of the web3 community, I'm quite motivated to help other people not miss them too; this is why I submit Abilities when I become aware of them.

- @mcdy

How to Get Started

Scouting is easy. Learn about the program and submit a new ability to Daylight here:

All you need is some information about the ability and the link to the website where someone can complete the ability.

Submit abilities on
Submit abilities on

You can see your pending submissions, review feedback, and see past submissions here:

Review your past ability submissions
Review your past ability submissions

As you successfully submit abilities, you’ll move up the Scout leaderboard!

Scout leaderboard
Scout leaderboard

Learn more about what makes a good ability submission using the Scout Handbook, and drop into the Daylight Scouts Discord server to say hello and ask questions.

Rewards for Scouting

As you scout more abilities, you can mint higher and higher ranked Scout NFTs that unlock premium features on

To kick things off, we’ve released the first Scout rank: Harvester (OpenSea).

Harvester Scout
Harvester Scout

Any Scout who has submitted 5 accepted abilities is automatically allowlisted to mint a soulbound Harvester, and this ability will show up on Daylight automatically.

Today, Harvesters get access to the following abilities:

  • Claim a free Daylight hat from the token-gated Daylight shop

  • Track up to ten wallets (up from two) on

  • Access to the #scouts channel in our Discord server

The Daylight hat
The Daylight hat

Over time, we’ll launch more ranks above and below Harvester that come with their own abilities like the following possibilities:

  • Immediate email notifications

  • Access to ability types like discounts, raffles, merch, and revokes

  • Tools to 10x your submission counts

  • Auto-export abilities to your calendar

  • Claim your own name.daylight.eth subdomain

See You Out There

We are excited to scout abilities with you. Get started here:

We are building this community together: if you have ideas for how to make scouting easier, we are in the Daylight Scouts Discord and ready to jam.

Let’s make web3 more fun, friendly, and approachable!

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