Mints and Airdrops Inside Your Wallet Product

TLDR: As a wallet app, you can now become a gateway to the entire web3 ecosystem by telling your users all the airdrops, mints, votes, token gates, and more that they qualify for using Daylight’s new Abilities API.

Past, Present, and – now – Future

A wallet address has a past: its transaction history.

It has a present: its current token balances.

And, now with Daylight, a wallet address has a future: everything that address can do.

Daylight unlocks an address's future.
Daylight unlocks an address's future.

Mints and Airdrops, Right Inside Your App

This future consists of a wallet address’s abilities: meaningful, relevant transactions to sign like airdrops, mints, claims, votes, and more. Experiences that people actually want to receive via push notification.

Abilities available in Daylight
Abilities available in Daylight

Back in November, Daylight launched a web app to show how powerful our dataset of abilities really were. Our access pass rapidly became one of the top product access NFTs, and our web app became a much loved product in crypto.

And now – with 25 supplier integrations and a community of Scouts adding abilities - we are opening up our ability dataset to wallet apps. You can query a user’s address against the Abilities endpoint and see everything a user can do.

Product leaders at wallet apps can then use this data to power experiences that drive activation, retention, transactions, and revenue.

Here are three ways you can use our Abilities product:

  1. Populating Explore screens

  2. Sending compelling notifications

  3. Activating wallet watchers


The Explore (sometimes called “Discover”) screens of wallet apps occupy 20% of an app’s screen real estate, but their current content - price movements and trending NFTs - don’t meaningfully contribute to driving transactions and time in app.

Using Abilities, you can now populate your Explore screens with more compelling content: potential transactions that are highly relevant to each user.

Users can just click on an ability, be directed to the website where they can complete the ability inside the wallet’s dapp browser, and drive a transaction in app.

Example of abilities on an Explore screen
Example of abilities on an Explore screen


While completed transaction notifications may boost MAUs, they often don’t move the needle on transacting user counts. You can use our webhooks endpoint to immediately send users a push notification they actually want to receive – for example, a new mint or airdrop that they qualify for.

Another key target is churned users. Often, former users won’t realize that they have an unclaimed mint or airdrop. You can use Abilities to send highly personalized, compelling, and actionable push notifications to reactivate lost users.

Example of abilities sent via push notification
Example of abilities sent via push notification


Typically, many of a wallet app’s users are watchers: they watch their address in your app, but transact in another.

You can use Daylight to show the watcher how many abilities of each type – airdrops, mints, token-gates, etc. – they qualify for and reveal what those abilities are after they import their wallet, activating watchers into transactors.

Using abilities to convert watchers into transactors
Using abilities to convert watchers into transactors

First Wallet Implementations

Two wallets have already implemented our Abilities product in their apps.


Taho (formerly Tally Ho) has added a new “Abilities” section to their browser extension, the first extension to add Daylight Abilities.

Daylight in Taho
Daylight in Taho


Zerion has added a new “Perks” tab to their mobile app and new browser extension. This is the first mobile app implementation of Daylight Abilities, and the integration with their dapp browser makes for an incredibly smooth ability completion experience.

Daylight in Zerion
Daylight in Zerion

Creating Meaningful Experiences

Ultimately, the Daylight API helps you create meaningful experiences for your users.

By adding Abilities to your app, you can:

  • Save your users’ time by uncovering key actions they need to do without spending hours on Discord and Twitter.

  • Help your users better connect with their communities by showing them everything they can do as a member of a community.

  • Reactivate churned users, helping them not miss out on abilities they had no idea about.

  • Train your users to return to your Explore screen to catch something new and fun they can do.

  • Ultimately, drive more transactions and time in app.

If your wallet app fits most of the following criteria, reach out ( to get on the waitlist and start exploring an integration:

  • >10k MAUs with imported wallets (not watchers).

  • An Explore screen where you can present abilities.

  • Dapp browser (unless you are a browser extension).

  • Push notifications enabled.

The Abilities endpoint for wallet apps is just one piece of the larger Daylight ecosystem. Stay tuned as we roll out other aspects of our platform in the coming weeks.

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