Everything Your Wallet Address Can Do

TLDR: Today, Daylight announces its $3M seed round led by Chapter One and Framework Ventures. Your wallet address has special abilities you don’t know about: mints, airdrop claims, token-gated unlocks, and more. Daylight tells you everything your wallet address can do - see your web3 abilities here: daylight.xyz


The most fun we’ve had in web3 was September 2021, in the weeks after Loot dropped. It was all our Internet friends could talk about: minting a visualization of your Loot bag, getting access to a chat with other Divine Robe holders, unbundling and reassembling Loot bags, and voting on and imagining the implications of a proposal - the list goes on.

It was a microcosm of what makes web3 so exciting - composability. Anyone can build projects on top of Loot, and those projects can integrate with each other. These projects were less about speculation and more about creating magic moments of fun.

When the next billion web3 users onboard, it will be these magic moments across NFT, DAO, and DeFi communities that will attract and retain them. And to make that possible, we need ways to bring that magic to everyone without them having to monitor 40 different Discord servers. Those new users will need a guide who can tell them what they can do.

Meet Daylight

Daylight is that guide. And we call those magic moments abilities - everything you can do based on the tokens you hold, the allowlists you are on, and the contracts you have interacted with.

Examples of abilities:

  • Claim airdrops

  • Mint derivative NFTs

  • Access chats

  • Vote on proposals

  • Renew ENS

  • Access events

  • Unlock shops

  • Delegate votes

  • Revoke access

  • Claim POAPs

These abilities create emotional experiences of:

  • Pride when you mint an on-chain credential showing how OG you are in a specific community

  • Belonging when you join a token-gated Discord channel of other like-minded individuals

  • Excitement when you claim an airdrop worth thousands of dollars

  • Hope when you submit your vote for a proposal that could propel your community forward

  • Comfort when you renew your ENS or revoke access for an old contract

How Daylight Finds Abilities

To amplify these experiences, Daylight aggregates all abilities across web3:

  1. Indexer - Finds on-chain abilities, adding them into Daylight.

  2. Community - Our Scouts on daylight.xyz find one-off, custom abilities like special token-gated experiences, derivative mints, staking opportunities, etc.

  3. Integrations - We pull in abilities from community tools like POAP, Snapshot, Guild, and 12 others that help communities create votes, mints, gates, and other ability types.

Over time, we’ll continue to add more tooling integrations.

How You Access Your Abilities

During our closed beta, over 11,000 people minted the Daylight access NFT - the Dawn Pass - to discover what they can do, making the Dawn Pass one of the top access pass NFTs. And now, our web app is open to anyone: daylight.xyz.

Soon, you’ll see some to-be-announced big wallet apps using the Daylight API to tell users their abilities. In the future, you’ll:

  • Be notified if you are on the allowlist for an airdrop like $SAFE, $OP, etc by your wallet app.

  • Find out about a derivative NFT mint you qualify for via your wallet app.

  • Browse an NFT marketplace that tells you all the abilities that an NFT unlocks to help you in your purchase decision.

Abilities will become a crucial feature of every app - a user delight, acquisition, and retention tool.

Team and Seed Round

Our team is excited and eager to herald in this next phase of web3. We have been in crypto since 2017 and have worked together since 2019. Prior to Daylight, our co-founders Kyle and Morley were Directors of Product and Engineering at the Stellar Development Foundation, respectively.

And we are honored to be backed by an incredible group of crypto native and product-oriented investors:

Join the Daylight Ecosystem

If you want to discover your abilities, join the 14,000 people that already use the Daylight web app to track what their wallet addresses can do: daylight.xyz

If you are a member or leader of a community, submit your abilities here: daylight.xyz/submit. Or check out what we have already found for communities like Crypto Coven.

If you are a community tool or a wallet app, explore integrating Daylight to boost acquisition and retention: docs.daylight.xyz

And finally, we are hiring a Lead Backend Engineer - join the team and build out a core piece of web3 infrastructure - the ability layer! careers.daylight.xyz

Reach out: kyle@daylight.xyz


Web3 is an adventure, and Daylight is your guide.

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